Classroom Observation

Dr. Ratu Ilma Indra Putri, M.Si.

Classroom Observation is one of the subjects which the students  of IMPoME (International Program on Mathematics Education) learn in the first semester. The course is conducted by Dr. Ratu Ilma Indra Putri, M.Si., an impressing lecturer who shows us the importance of being a good mathematics teacher.  In this course students learn how to design a mathematics learning activity, involving lesson plan, students’ worksheet and media; classroom observations and make report of the observations. These are the reports of classroom observation.

  1. Pre Observation
  2. First Observation
  3. Second Observation
  4. Third Observation
  5. Fourth Observation
  6. Fifth Observation
  7. Sixth Observation
  8. Seventh Observation

Powerpoint presentation dari salah satu hasil observasi di atas, yaitu “Menemukan Konsep Luas Trapesium dengan Pendekatan Persegi Panjang dan Segitiga” dapat didownload pada link tampilan powerpoint presentation berikut ini.


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